Frequent questions

Frequent questions

1.What deposit options does CBK wallet support?

CBK currently supports




We are continuously expanding our deposit options and cooperation with other vendors.

We believe that PayPal’s transaction fees are too high, therefore we have stopped using PayPal as an option.

2.How do I purchase CBK products?

Once you’ve completed your CBK account registration, you can select a product you’d like to purchase and press the “Purchase” button. We like to make things simple!

3.How is profit actualized?

Different CBK products produce different profits and in different ways.

For specifics, please refer to the product details.

After purchasing a product, your profits will be in your account as scheduled in the next business day. You can search for them in your profit and trade history as well!

4.Is profit guaranteed daily?

Yes, once you’ve purchased a CBK product, your profit is processed on a daily basis.

This does not include products you’ve chosen with higher interest rates!

5.What is Compounded Interest?

Compounded Interest refers to interest that can yield interest itself. Interest that has taken place within a noted timeframe will be added to the initial principle and generate interest.

6.How does CBK operate?

All of CBK’s rates are derived from millions of Big Data intelligence computation of initial data.

A team of professionals then begin their evaluations and projections, resulting with an accurate and balanced value.

7.Can I register for CBK wallet directly?

CBK does not handle sales directly. Affiliated technology companies or independent distributors are tasked with this service, you may need to contact them for registration.

You can visit CBK—Twitter and Facebook, leave your questions regarding registration in the comments, and our independent distributors will contact you personally.

8.Do I need to pay taxes on my profits?

Yes, profits earned will need to be submitted in compliance to the tax regulations in the country you live in. We advise that if you have any questions regarding this manner, find an expert or professional for assistance, and to abide by the tax regulations of the country you reside in.

9.Will CBK require extra unknown/unclear/hidden fees?

CBK will not charge any unrelated fees. Fees that may apply will all be visible and displayed during the usage of CBK.

This of course does not include the blockchain transaction fees when purchasing USDT, ETH, and BTC.

10.How long does it take to profit after purchasing a CBK product?

You will normally receive a confirmation notice within 24 hours after purchasing a CBK product, notifying that your purchase was successful.

Profits will be distributed the same day that you receive the confirmation of successful purchase. It’s really really quick.

11.Where can I browse my purchase history?

Once you’ve registered your CBK account, you can log into the CBK User’s Center.

There, you will find your detailed transaction history.

12.Can I purchase CBK products repeatedly?

Yes, you can repeat purchase CBK products.

However, you will need to wait until the previous purchase is confirmed in order to continue with the next purchase.

If there are no previous purchases being processed, you can purchase immediately.

13.How do I retrieve my assets once my CBK product has reached its maturity date?

You will be notified once a CBK product reaches its maturity date, and your principle plus interests that have taken place will be transferred to your account within 72 hours. If you’ve bound your wallet address, all you need to do is click “Withdraw” to complete the process.

14.What is the minimum purchase for CBK products?

This varies from product to product, please refer to product introduction for more details.

15.Will CBK leak my private information?

CBK takes the private information of its partners very seriously. CBK will not provide any CBK user information to any organization without your permission.

With the exception of cases which relates to political circumstances or national security.

16.How do I purchase more products?

If there are sufficient funds in your CBK wallet, you can purchase additional products directly.

You can choose to make deposits via USDT, ETH, BTC if more funds are needed.

17.Is there a fee for registering with CBK?

No, there are no fees for registering with CBK.

18.Why does CBK only accept e-mail registrations?

For both safety and your convenience. You will be able to receive new information, as well as perform many actions in CBK through your e-mail.

19.I don’t have a Bitcoin, ETH, or USDT wallet address, what do I do?

You can register for a wallet address at an approved legal exchange.

20.What’s the New Comer event project?

CBK will announce events in an aperiodic fashion, please check specific event times in our News section.

21.Why do CBK’s products have such high earnings?

If you are familiar with the profits of Venture Capital or mining, you may not think of this profit as high.

The profitability of CBK’s products derives from the combination of CBK’s accumulated market experience, professional team, and intelligent data.

This may be out of reach for many other companies, but under CBK’s years of consolidated experience, this all becomes pragmatic.

22.When was CBK founded?

CBK’s concept was conceived in 2015 when people began to understand the idea of 5G and Big Data. It was not until 2018 did CBK appear before the masses, and in 2020 CBK officially published worldwide. CBK will develop at an increasing speed in the future, and all of this is the result of the support and contributions of everyone in the CBK community.

CBK will continue to strive towards a direction for sustainable development.

23.About Big Data

Gartner defines Big Data as a “high-volume, high-velocity and/or high-variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing that enable enhanced insight, decision making, and process automation.” The strategic purpose of Big Data technology is not having access to large amounts of data, but the ability to professionally process data that are relevant. For example, if Big Data was an industry, then the ability to capitalize and profit in this industry would be the core technology that the industry revolves around. Big Data requires unique technology to efficiently process large amounts of data accumulated over a period of time. This technology could be used for Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) database, data mining, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Hadoop Distributed Database, cloud computing platform, internet and expandable storage systems.

1.What is CBK currency?

CBK is our exclusive internal currency, with no initial coin offering (ICO) nor price fluctuations. The price of CBK is 1 USD per coin and will not change.

The purpose of this is to paint a clearer picture of how our profits look. Every CBK will generate correlated mining and static earnings.

Once the freeze period ends, CBK will repurchase CBK coins at the original price of $1 per coin!

To ensure the stability of CBK projects, CBK is only circulated internally.

2.Why are there fluctuations(ranges) on the interests?

A smaller fund will have some effect on your profit.

When the fund is stable and for a longer period, the earnings will also be more constant.

This is affected by static and mining earnings.

So, if there are more CBK invested, the earnings will also become more constant.

3.Minimum purchase amount?

The minimum purchase for CBK is 100 coins per purchase.

4.Is the price of CBK permanent?

Yes, the price of CBK is permanently set at 1 USD.

5.About Mining Earnings

Mining is a terminology of acquiring cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin). Mining Bitcoin is like solving a math problem, be the first to get the answer and be rewarded accordingly.

The process of solving and certifying is called decrypting or Hashing, and the protocols and equipment used to decrypt or hash are called Miners. Those who operate Miners and profit are also called miners.

CBK has the advantage of Big Data algorithms, yielding a much higher rewards in our mining operations.

6.About Static Earnings

Static investment Earnings Rate refers to the project’s annual total profit or annual total average profit in accordance to the total project investment.

In actual calculations, depending on the different specifications applied to the Annual Revenue R and the total Investment I, Static Investment Earnings Rate will also vary.

7.How do I sell my CBK coins after maturity?

Once the maturity date is reached, CBK will repurchase your CBK coins at the original price of 1 USD.

All of your CBK will be converted to equal value in USD.

For example, if you had 10000 CBK coins.

Upon maturity, your CBK will automatically be sold and exchanged into 10000 USD.

8.How do I purchase CBK coins?

You can first choose to deposit through using USDT, ETH, or BTC.

Once the deposit has arrived in your account, it will automatically be exchanged to USD. You can then use USD to purchase CBK.

9.After I’ve purchased CBK coins, how long will my daily earnings take to arrive?

After you’ve purchased CBK coins, earnings calculation formula: 24 hours.

Usually, it will be sent to your account after 24 hours, if there are any questions or delays, please contact customer support.

10.How does CBK coins make profit?

Mining Earnings+Static Earnings

11.About Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a type of digitized currency, which only exist and can only be traded digitally.

Though the concept of digital currency is rather new, its usage is very board, and is also loved by younger generations and those who are ahead of the curve.

Now, Bitcoin has become one of the most common cryptocurrencies in the world. In the beginning of 2009, on January 3rd, Bitcoin released the first batch of 50 coins into the market. The core unique purpose of Bitcoin is to decentralize, identify and stop unauthorized trading. There’s also an emphasis on the importance of Bitcoin’s anonymity. When using Bitcoin to make transactions, you won’t run into refund risks that normal credit cards would face. Many experts believe that Bitcoin will continuously rise in value; By 2021 February, 1 single Bitcoin is worth 10000 USD.

There is another common cryptocurrency called Ethereum. The developers of Ethereum not only applied the cryptocurrency to payment purposes, but also a tool for resource exchange and the trade of registered capital. Ethereum trades at high volume on cryptocurrency exchanges. In the beginning, Ethereum was a platform which sparked the initiative for research of smart contracts and bond by many banks. In 2015, 2 years after Ethereum had been in development, an Ethereum blockchain platform was online. And because the blockchain had an internal smart contract which had specific requirements for every trade, this platform became a completely safe system for unfamiliar partners to engage in trade.

It is very hard to compare cryptocurrency trading to the handling of common finance or currency. Because the cryptocurrency market abides by an internal rule of law and principles for its operation, but this also proves the advancement and uniqueness of the cryptocurrency system as a whole.

In reality, cryptocurrency only exists in the digital space, all trade records are public knowledge and can be viewed by anyone, meaning that all monetary transactions can be tracked much more easily.

Anyone can track any trade through a blockchain’s public digital registry.

One of the main advantages of the cryptocurrency market is that there are no leaders or followers, nor are there “important”, “primary” or “top” individuals. The behavior of the market is a result of the actions of every single person involved. Not only that, the market advantage cryptocurrency has is that it is not screened by any sovereign entity, making it unaffected and irrelevant to political or investigational actions.

Another important fact is that with cryptocurrency, you’re able to transfer your funds into any country that has internet. Due to the fact that cryptocurrency exists only within the digital space, boundaries and restrictions between countries becomes irrelevant.

Cryptocurrency has no established centralized organization, nor does it belong to any country that can influence or establish restrictions or laws upon it. Because of this, cryptocurrency can be bought or sold anywhere in the world simply through the internet. In summary, another important advantage of cryptocurrency is that: it is not under the jurisdiction or any country, it is a type of digital currency that is different from the traditional fiat money. If you have needs to receive or transfer funds to an account in another country, cryptocurrency makes it extremely easy to do so.

The number of cryptocurrencies used for payment or transactions is limited, preventing illegitimate intent of appreciating or depreciation a coin value.

Maybe the idea of having a type of cash asset but not having to pay bank transaction fees nor fear depreciation on exchange rate of the currency you hold might interest you.

Having said this much, it is obvious and very logical to invest in the cryptocurrency market. By investing in the cryptocurrency market, you will be able to ensure and maintain value on your investments.

1.How do I purchase Venture Capital?

You can first choose to deposit through using USDT, ETH, or BTC. Once the deposit has arrived in your account, it will automatically be exchanged to USD.

You can then select and purchase the product with the expected earnings you’d like.

2.How do I withdraw from Venture Capital?

Upon maturity, your frozen security deposit will be automatically transferred to your account within 72 hours.

3.Why do different areas for investment require different amounts of funds?

The investment cost for different areas varies, the lowest purchase amount is in correlation.

With higher purchase funds, earnings will also be higher in correlation.

4.How does it profit?

CBK has a professional market and analytics team.

We will find prospective projects and run intelligent data analysis to assess its actionability as well as its return rate.

The analytics are then passed on to a professional team for further assessment and evaluation. When the two derive similar data, it is then when we confirm the method for profit.

At last, a balanced earnings rate will be confirmed.

Earnings is then broken down and distributed in daily portions.

Compared to traditional Venture Capital models, this does not yield such high of a return.

However, this is much safer and more moderate of a product.

5.About Venture Capital

Venture Capital is also known as startup investments, mainly providing financial support for startup companies in exchange of a share of their company. A Venture Capital company is a professional investment company composed of a team of individuals equipped with experience and proficiency in technology and finance. Through the exchange of funding for shares, this team of professionals select promising startup companies to invest in. Venture Capital companies generally allocate their funds to invest in new and creative businesses or non-IPO companies (Though the laws today have broadened the scope of funding usage). The purpose is not to run or operate the said company, but to provide financial support, professional knowledge, and experience, to aid them in acquiring higher success and profitability. This is a direction which strives for long term profitability through a high-risk high reward method.

However, equipped with the data analytics from CBK’s unique algorithm and professional teams, this risk level has been greatly reduced, at the same time unfortunately, partial earnings are also reduced. This could be viewed as the pros and cons of the combination of Big Data algorithms and professional teams! CBK’s vision and direction is to change the methods of traditional investment, strive for models of sustainable development and respective rewards!

1.How should I choose earnings?

The higher the earnings, the more risk it bears, you should first assess the suitable risk level for yourself then make a selection.

CBK provides a number of selection foundation which you can use to combine into an expectation suitable for yourself.

2.How does it work?

It’s more like an asset combination. Once you’ve set your expected earnings, CBK will use that and recommend product combinations.

There is a certain degree of variation in the actualized earnings, but through a large number of data analytic experience, the variation becomes less and more stable.

How it works is that it is tailored to the user’s needs.

3.How do I withdraw once maturity is reached?

Upon maturity, your frozen security deposit will be automatically transferred to your account within 72 hours.

If there is a delay, please contact customer support.

4.About Trustee Savings Investment

This is an all-new Trustee Savings Investment consulting one stop shop; this is a tailored service which provides setups according to your expected earnings.

Traditionally, expected earning is usually provided solely from the product sellers. Not much data is provided when making a selection.

It’s very hard to satisfy a client’s needs for understanding the product this way.

CBK is able to provide and execute a variety of plans and suggestions according to the user’s earning requirements. All this is possible due to CBK’s intelligent data and the combination of Big Data computing and our professional team.

Once the expected earning is set and the Trustee consulting has been purchased, if you are unsatisfied with the expected earning at any point throughout the process, you can contact our customer support and adjust your earnings setting.

This is an all-new flexible way of investing.

In situations where the expected earnings set by the user is high, and there is a risk in market fluctuation, CBK will receive an alert immediately and remind our partners as to whether they want to decrease and adjust their earnings to reduce risk.

If after numerous verifications and no adjustment is needed. CBK will proceed as the user requests. CBK will still provide a risk safeguard for the user to decrease risk brought upon by market fluctuations.

The downside of this is that it will not be able to provide stable earnings based on the earnings calculations as other products do.

At times the earnings rate will be very high, and at other times it may be lower. This all depends on your choice of expected earnings.

1.How do I change my account or e-mail?

In the occasion where you want to change your gmail account, please have ready your identification and related information and contact customer support. We will need to verify your identity, once verified we will process your request.

2.Can I register multiple CBK wallet accounts with one gmail account?

For your safety, e-mail accounts are uniquely bound to each CBK account and cannot register for a second account.

3.How do I delete my CBK account?

If you wish to delete your CBK account, please have ready your identification and related information and contact customer support.

Once your identity has been verified, CBK will assist you through the process.

Do be aware that once your account has been deleted, the process cannot be reversed and your account cannot be recovered.

4.I did not receive an e-mail code when I registered for CBK, what do I do?

If this occurs, please check your e-mail trash/spam folder, as it may somehow end up here sometimes, or you can wait a bit and request for another e-mail code.

5.Can I change my identification information?

We will assist in the requests of our partners, if you’d like to change your identification information, please provide your current identification information to be verified by CBK.

Once verified, CBK will assist you through the process.

6.What if I forgot my password?

You can select Forgot Password, enter the relevant information, and a key will be sent to your e-mail. Your password can be retrieved with the key that was sent to you.

7.How long does it take to verify my identity?

Please make sure the photo you submitted is complete and clear.

Normally, verification will be complete within 24 hours.

1.Can I recommend CBK to my friends?

Of course! If you recommend CBK to a friend, you will also be entitled to rewards!

Click ----- for details

2.Will there be rewards for recommending friends?

Yes, please click Here for details.

3.How do I receive friend/partner rewards?

Once you’ve successfully invited your friend, the referral reward will be sent to your account within 24 hours.

You can check your reward in the account center. If the incident occurs where your reward was not received, please contact customer support with your referral proofs ready.

4.I did not receive my friend referral reward and interest, what do I do?

If you did not receive the friend referral reward and interest that was due, please contact customer support.

5.Where can I find my referral link?

When there has been 50 USD deposited into your account, you will be able to find your referral link in the user’s page.

You will need to complete this task if you wish to share your referral link.

1.Is this a scam?

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to rapidly develop, scams and illegitimate projects have become more common. The difference between a scam and a legitimate project is in the information provided, value produced, and the end results.

Through the cooperation between Big Data and a professional team, CBK has succeeded in actualizing a method for profit.

Our systems are accruing profits daily, and profits are being distributed daily. CBK is determined to develop a system to win.

Because of this, we are on a path of sustainable development, with emphasis on the relationships between us and our partners! What we seek is long term development. Through the daily distribution of profits and our devotion to the project, CBK’s commitment to the path is very real.

Once the CBK product reaches its maturity date, you will be able to click “Withdraw” at any time to retrieve your funds!

2.Are there any risks with CBK?

CBK currently has a history of 100% payout. The user also has 100% freedom over the choice of the product.

3.Will CBK leak my private information?

CBK takes the private information of its partners very seriously. CBK will not provide any CBK user information to any organization without your permission.

With the exception of cases which relates to political circumstances or national security.

4.Can underaged persons invest?

According to related laws, underaged persons cannot take part in investment activities, please abide by the related laws and regulations.

1.How do I withdraw available assets from my CBK wallet?

Available funds will be shown inside your CBK wallet.

After you’ve bound your wallet address, click “Withdraw” button on your profile page.

2.Is there a limit to the amount I deposit?

There is no limit to the amount you wish to deposit, however, different CBK products may have amount limits.

Please refer to CBK product introductions for more details.

3.Are there restrictions to withdrawing from CBK wallet?

There are no withdraw restrictions with CBK. However, you may be facing transaction fees from blockchain trading when you make small amount withdraws at high frequencies. This transaction fee is based on the current status of the blockchain and is unrelated to CBK, so we recommend you withdraw when the total is more sizable!

(Recommendation: ≥ 50USDT)

4.How soon will I receive my money after requesting for withdraw?

Once you’ve requested for a withdraw, CBK will quickly evaluate your request.

The actual time for receiving your funds depends on the current blockchain speed, which will be complete normally within 48 hours.

(Usually between 1-3 hours)

5.Is there a fee to withdraw?

CBK does not charge any fees upon withdraw, however, blockchain transaction fees may still apply, for more details please refer to the transaction fees of the exchanges.

6.I have made a deposit to the CBK wallet address, how long will it take to get there?

This usually depends on the blockchain speed, normally within 48 hours!

(Usually within 3 hours)

7.Can I terminate early, refund the deposit, and freeze the funds?

You are not allowed to recall early during the freeze period of the product.

It will affect CBK users if everyone acted in such manner.

When the product reaches maturity date, you can choose to recall anytime you wish!

Please refer to product introductions for details on specific freezing periods.

8.Can profits made from CBK wallet be withdrawn daily?

Yes, profits from CBK wallet can be withdrawn daily.

Friendly reminder: Refrain from making high frequency withdraws to reduce the amount of transaction fees you may need to pay.