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Our Focus

Daily Returns

You will receive returns on your product on a daily basis, the funds will be transferred to your account on a business day

Professional Team

Actualizing the cooperation of Big Data Intelligent Computing and Teams of Professionals

Intelligent Combination

Browse through a variety of plans and find the one most fitting for you. All made possible by the combining Big Data Intelligent Computing and a Professional Team


Seek greater opportunities and methods with assets at hand, revolutionary potential


Deposit, Purchase, Profit, and Withdraw made easy


Provide specific solutions for every possible unique scenario and technical issues

In 2015

CBK was just a startup and concept conceived by industry professionals. However, growth and interest picked up quick and CBK began to gain serious traction.

In 2018

Having invested an abundant amount of time and effort into the construction of CBK, 2018 was where things picked up. CBK and Palantir, one of the most well-known Big Data company in Silicon Valley,

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CBK has got supports and appreciation from many institutions now.
In the future,CBK will remember the working standard and move forward for great goals.That is,providing comfortable environment for the future of partners and help the enterprises in need.

Hugo Moore
CBK's success is an accomplishment of the entire CBK Team. On the path forward, we will face numerous obstacles and inevitably overcome them while standing firm beside the value of which CBK was built upon. We strive not only to become better at our expertise and trade, but also to provide the best service available to all of our CBK partners. The world has already and continues to experience dramatic change, new technologies provide us with unlimited opportunities, allowing us to become financially independent and free in record times. It is time to move forward and not dwell on the past.

Oliver Lampo

This is an all new way to go about doing this. I'm very happy to be able to join.

Sebastian Garcia

We will always run into all sorts of difficulties. But we will always have a way of solving it.

Francis Campbell

CBK will continue to maintain its foward path. This is a very awesome belief to have.

John Whitman

In the last three years, I think the best thing I chose to do was to join CBK.

Derrick Murray

CBK community builder, I'm very happy to be a part of this and to share with everyone.

Rachael Williams

Believe and achieve.

How do I join

Create an account

Registration is free, you just need someone to recommend you and complete our sign-up registration form。

Select the amount of purchase

Once at the Control Panel, click purchase, select the lowest amount of 100 CBK

Start making Profit

From this moment on, you will start to receive profits made from the day before

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Select your investment plan
Invest-CBK Invest-VC Invest-MTFD

Flat money is a type of legal payment tool without physical properties or product support. Its value and distribution procedure are built and protected by the government. The authority of the government is a decisive factor in determining and affecting the value of flat money. Most countries use systems which employs flat money for puchase on goods and services, as well as investments, savings, and deposits. Flat money has replaced gold and other forms of legal payment tools and systems with validated payment value similar to gold.


Deposit %




Minimum investment

100.00 $

Invest USD

Daily Earnings


All profit


All profit + deposit


ZLC earnings come from Mining Earnings + Static Earnings ZLC Mining Earnings. Every ZLC is equivalent to increasing the earnings from mining!


Venture Capital It an aide to startup businesses with potential. Often times great rewards are actualized in the process of providing assistance. Of course, this requires a large amount of data and evaluation. We are extremely careful with our selections. Just as the saying goes, "Hard work always pays"


Deposit %




Minimum investment

5000.00 $

Invest USD

Daily Earnings


All profit


All profit + deposit


Venture Capital is an aide to promising startup businesses. Providing financial and other forms of assistance, then actualizing the rewards throughout its growth. "Hard work always pays".


This is an all-new Trustee Savings Investment consulting one stop shop; this is a tailored service which provides setups according to your expected earnings. Traditionally, expected earning is usually provided solely from the product sellers. Not much data is provided when making a selection. ZenLea is able to provide and execute a variety of plans and suggestions according to the user s earning requirements. All this is possible due to ZenLea s intelligent data and the combination of Big Data computing and our professional team.


Deposit %




Minimum investment

20000.00 $

Invest USD

Daily Earnings


All profit


All profit + deposit


Traditional methods do not provide variations for investors without professional knowledge, we believe this to be a basic right. Our partners select their own earnings expectations, and we take care of the rest.

Invite your partner to join
CBK Group partners have a five-level cooperative partner program. The program provides an opportunity to obtain funds without investing yourself. You can collect up to a total of 11.5% of your partners' added funds for free.
Frequently Asked Questions
What deposit options does CBK wallet support?

CBK currently supports




How does CBK operate?

All of CBK’s rates are derived from millions of Big Data intelligence computation of initial data.

A team of professionals then begin their evaluations and projections, resulting with an accurate and balanced value.

Is profit guaranteed daily?

Yes, once you’ve purchased a CBK product, your profit is processed on a daily basis.

This does not include products you’ve chosen with higher interest rates!

Is there a limit to the amount I deposit?

There is no limit to the amount you wish to deposit, however, different CBK products may have amount limits.

Please refer to CBK product introductions for more details.

What is the minimum purchase for CBK products?

This varies from product to product, please refer to product introduction for more details.

How soon will I receive my money after requesting for withdraw?

Once you’ve requested for a withdraw, CBK will quickly evaluate your request.

The actual time for receiving your funds depends on the current blockchain speed, which will be complete normally within 48 hours.

(Usually between 1-3 hours)

Is there a fee to withdraw?

CBK does not charge any fees upon withdraw, however, blockchain transaction fees may still apply, for more details please refer to the transaction fees of the exchanges.